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    Things to Do in LA: July 14-20

    If spending a small fortune on a single-plane ticket (let alone hotel rooms and food) is not in the stars this summer, fret not. We’ve collected a week’s worth of Parisian, Italian, Spanish and even Russian events and activities for a European getaway right in our own backyard.

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    Garagiste Festival Artisanal Wines

    Sometime in the mid-1990s, a group of French vintners decided to challenge the strict winemaking rules of the Bordeaux region. They were the rebels who started the underground wine movement, the garagistes who fermented grapes with new, revolutionary techniques. Founder Doug Minnick likens the Garagiste Festival to LA’s underground music scene—discovering a new wine before… Read more »

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    Things to Do in LA: July 7-13

    Although it may feel like summertime year-round in LA, there are certain pastimes that can be better enjoyed in the peak of the season. We’ve collected this week’s quintessential summer events and activities to make the most out of the longer days and warmer nights. WHAT TO DO IN LA: Horseback Riding Tour to the… Read more »

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    Things to Do in LA: June 30-July 6

    Our country’s Independence Day is a time to reflect on those who came before us, who fought for freedom and who paved the way to a brighter future. In this special July 4th collection of things to do in LA, we share the many ways to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with… Read more »

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    Fourth of July Events in LA

    One of the most amazing parts of living in a large city like Los Angeles is there’s always something fun to do, and Independence Day is no exception. Whether it’s BBQs, sports, nightclubs or family friendly activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy for the Fourth of July holiday this year.

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    Things to Do in LA: June 23-29

    LA is not generally known for its normalcy (what with its Museum of Death and lacto-fermented hot sauces), but this week’s collection of events and activities is strange even by LA standards. If the city’s endless supply of beach days are becoming monotonous, these events and attractions can shake up the normal routine. WHAT TO… Read more »

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