The Lime Truck isn’t just famous for its fresh and inventive American Cuisine recipes. The bright lime-green truck has bragging rights among other Los Angeles food trucks as the second season winner of the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race in 2011.

We checked in with owner and chef Daniel Shemtob on life after winning the big race.

Truck Name: The Lime Truck

Cuisine style: New American Fare

Usual Locations: Mostly Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside

Years in Business: Two and a half years; The Lime Truck was founded in June 2010

Owner/Chef: Daniel Shemtob

Specialty menu items: Carnitas Fries, Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich, Duck Confit Sopes, Ahi Tuna Poke Nachos.

Has business changed much since winning the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race?

Of course, it has changed, and in such a great way. I always thought that after the race I would have ridiculous offers at my front door every day, but that wasn’t the case. What it did do was get my foot in the door in every possible situation, which is a huge advantage when pitching your brand.


What was your favorite part of that experience? What, if anything, did you learn from it?

When it ended! It was all an amazing experience and they really push your comfort boundaries, but it’s nice to be able to be in a two month competition and come out on top.

What’s your most difficult item to prepare and serve?

All of the items on our menu are very prep intensive. Some of the proteins can take as long as 36 hours to be exactly the way we want them. As far as items on the truck go, I would say to get the perfect PBAT crust would prove to be the most difficult. The flat tops in the trucks aren’t always consistent and you don’t always get the perfect crisp, so you just have to make it over and over again.

Top seller? World Famous Carnitas Fries

If you could meet one chef, who would it be and why?

My great grandmother for my mother’s side. I still taste her wonderful recipes and would love to have worked with her in the kitchen.

Favorite music to listen to in the truck?

We have one strict music rule on the truck: You can’t play anything unless it’s TLC or Destiny’s Child

Favorite location?

The different breweries

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Interview by Mallory Carra, a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. Photos courtesy of The Lime Truck.