Obtaining medical marijuana in Los Angeles is not as complicated as one might think, though it’s no cakewalk either. California is the state with the most widespread medical marijuana use, but several steps are required to obtain a medical marijuana card, also known as a 215 card.medical-marijuana-los-angelesGetting Approved for Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles
Obtaining a medical marijuana license demands that the applicant first get checked out by a doctor that can verify a medical condition and can categorically assert that marijuana will help alleviate resulting physical pain and discomfort.

The first thing applicants need to do is to visit a licensed doctor that has the legal authority to grant a medical marijuana card. Not all doctors are authorized, so it’s important to check with a physician for a referral if they do not have that authority. Most physicians will charge the applicant if the applicant does not qualify for a medical marijuana license.

DocumentingHealth History and Qualifying Conditions
Because the physician will need to verify the applicant’s health history, it is for the patent to bring along as many medical records as possible. If the application involves a past surgery or a current condition, the physician will need to see proof of what other doctors have concluded.

There is myriad of medical conditions that would qualify for treatment with medical marijuana in Los Angeles. Among the most common are anxiety, depression, cancer, arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ADD/ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and HIV/AIDS. Depending upon the severity and frequency of symptoms, those who suffer from epilepsy, seizures and nausea may also qualify for a marijuana card.

If the doctor concludes that the applicant qualifies for medical marijuana in Los Angeles, a card will be issued that is valid for one year from the date of the evaluation. The official recommendation from the doctor usually costs about $50, though it is highly recommended to purchase a photo identification card for an additional $25. This type of identification comes in handy when dealing with law enforcement should a stricky situation arise.

A patient is now clear to to visit one of the many medical marijuana dispensaries in LA to purchase medical marijuana.  For example, we are big fans of The Pharmacy on Abbot Kinney for first time users.

Renewing a Medical Marijuana Card
A medical marijuan can be renewed for another year by going to a second evaluation, usually at a discounted price. It’s recommended to use a doctor that has a longstanding record of recommending medical marijuana in Los Angeles because he or she will be able to attest to their verification system. Once this has been achieved.