LA Clippers Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin takes it to the hole. // Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers.

The Los Angeles Clippers may not have the stellar track record that the Los Angeles Lakers LA Clippers Blake Griffinhave, but in recent years, the team’s owners have rebuilt the franchise to a point where it is competitive with some of the top teams in the NBA and a regular playoffs contender.

The Clippers have transformed from the perennial underdog to a franchise that has earned the respect of diehard basketball fans and star players in the league.

Taking In a Clippers Game
Tickets to a NBA basketball game can be expensive, especially when a family of four decides to go together to see a team like the Lakers. Spending a night at a Los Angeles Clippers game is a considerably less expensive option. Attendees probably won’t see any basketball megastars—at least on the Clippers bench—but games still provide an entertaining sporting experience. Not many people know this, but the Clippers finished with a record better than the Lakers in the 2005 and 2006 seasons and have even won a few playoff games in recent seasons.

The Clippers experienced one of the biggest comebacks in NBA Playoffs history when they overcame the Memphis Grizzlies and won a game in which they were once 27 points behind.

Dining and Drinking Before and After the Game
Since the Clippers share the Staples Center with the Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings, there is a variety of eating, drinking and entertainment options in the area. One of the best places to eat in the downtown area is the much loved Trader Vic’s, a unique and semi-upscale restaurant that serves Polynesian and Asian cuisine not often seen in many mainstream eateries. Trader Vic’s offers savory dishes such as crispy duck tacos, Scottish salmon and a variety of house curries. The most popular dessert include Tahitian coffee crème brulee and a Polynesian snowball, a decadent concoction of Tahitian ice cream, coconut, and bittersweet chocolate.

L.A. Clippers Staples CenterAnother popular option for those taking in a Los Angeles Clippers game is Katsuya, one of the city’s most renowned sushi restaurant. The LA Live location near the Staples Center features an interior that combines Japanese tradition with American elegance, but the sushi and sashimi platters are the specialties that get the most attention. The Katsuya tasting menu, priced at $75 per person, features all of the restaurant’s best dishes.

For those looking for a cold beer or refreshing cocktail after the game, The Yardhouse, Lucky Strike and Lawry’s Carvery all feature excellent beers, cocktails and spirits at comfortable prices.