Cap Zone at Santee Alley.


Los Angeles is a world-class shopping destination with locations like Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Center and the swanky shops on in West Hollywood, but some of the best and most unique bargain shopping is right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at Santee Alley in the Fashion District.

Though it’s home to both designer brands and mainstream retailers, Santee Alley is, in fact, an actual alley. There’s no false advertising here, especially with hundreds of thousands of eager bargain hunters showing up every year to purchase everything from clothes, jewelry and accessories to toys, books, and games. The best part is that Santee Alley is it’s just a few short steps away major Los Angeles attractions like L.A. Live and the Staples Center.

Santee Alley is technically situated along the pathway from Maple Street and Santee Sreet between Olympic Boulevard and Pico Boulevard, but there are also hundreds of stores, booths and kiosks situated all along the Fashion District.

One of the best places to stop at for quick but selective shopping is Apple Pie Fashions, a women’s apparel store that sells American attire inspired by the classic looks of the 1950s and 60s. This is the place for shoppers to channel their inner Jackie O and find vintage attire.

Cap Zone at Santee Alley.

Fortunately, very few of the stores in Santee Alley Los Angeles are anywhere near as expensive as other major shopping and retail outlets in the region. Most of the retailers here only accept cash and they expect to be haggled and bargained with. If haggling is an art, some of the best “artists” in Los Angeles call Santee Alley home.

Dozens of items here can be found at discount prices that are identical to higher-priced goods at stores like Macy’s or Target. Our advice: pack your negotiating skills along with a hefty wad of cash and don’t forget the sunblock. It gets hot and sticky and quite crowded, especially in the summertime when the entire alley seems to be run over with tourists, locals and curious passersby, half of whom have brought strollers with them.

Other popular women’s apparel boutiques include Forever Fashion, Jessy Handbag, Elegante Clothing and Milan Shoes. There is plenty of shopping for the little ones at stores like Only Kids, Star Kids and Baby World. Ery Sexy Moda and Ebony Accessories offer culturally specific accessories and retail fun.

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