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friends, meeting a date, or blowing off steam with colleagues after a long day of work, Los Angeles bars are where everyone goes to meet, greet, and commiserate. While it may seem like very little separates the average bar from all the rest, an increasing number of Los Angeles bars are going out of their way to become unique and lure potential regulars by catering to their specific tastes and interests.

Sports Bars in Los Angeles

  • Fantasia Billiards
  • Ricks Tavern On Main
  • Leos All Star Sports Bar
  • Cloud 9 Sports Bar

Los Angeles has few options of Sports Bars. Top Recommendations include Fantasia Billiards, Ricks Tavern On Main and Jp's Sports Bar And Grill.

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Breweries in Los Angeles

  • Gordon Biersch
  • Blue Palms Brewhouse
  • T. Boyle's Tavern
  • Golden Road Brewing

There is a few of Los Angeles Breweries. Some of the popular Breweries are Gordon Biersch, Blue Palms Brewhouse and T. Boyle's Tavern.

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Dive Bars in Los Angeles

  • La Cita Bar
  • Cha Cha Lounge
  • Hanks Bar
  • Cabo Cantina

Los Angeles has few options of Dive Bars. Some of the popular Dive Bars are La Cita Bar, Cha Cha Lounge and Hanks Bar.

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Gay Bars in Los Angeles

  • Fubar
  • Arena Nightclub
  • Jalisco Inn Number Two
  • Dolphin

There is a small set of Los Angeles Gay Bars including Fubar, Arena Nightclub and Jalisco Inn Number Two.

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Wine Bars in Los Angeles

  • El Segundo Fish Company
  • Engine Co. No. 28 Restaurant
  • Ford's Filling Station
  • Pace Restaurant

There is a few of Los Angeles Wine Bars. Top Recommendations include El Segundo Fish Company, Engine Co. No. 28 Restaurant and Ford's Filling Station.

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Karaoke Bars in Los Angeles

  • Little Bar
  • Backstage Bar & Grill
  • Saints And Sinners
  • Bar 107

Los Angeles has a few of Karaoke Bars. Some of the most notable include Little Bar, Backstage Bar & Grill and Saints And Sinners.

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