Looking for a special movie, television show, or album unavailable online? Then try Los Angeles CD, vinyl, and DVD stores that cater to clients in search of entertainment that hasn’t yet been transferred to a digital format. Many of these CD, vinyl, and DVD stores carry original and vintage works that can only be found through the secondhand market, often becoming a haven for those in search of hard-to-find and forgotten art, music, and entertainment.

For a collector of recorded music, Los Angeles can be a virtual goldmine, loaded with rare nuggets--but only if one knows where to look. Recognized as the mainstream entertainment capital of the world, L.A. is also one of the best places to find obscure musical recordings. Whether one is looking for promotional CD releases from the latest pop-singer-of-the-month or a little-known piece of vinyl by some forgotten opera diva, Los Angeles has much to offer the serious music collector.

It's worth noting that the dynamics of record collecting have changed in the past few years. Certain records, once available quite cheaply at thrift stores and garage sales, now bring in top dollar at specialty outlets. Thanks in part to such publications as the ReSearch Incredibly Strange Music books, Psychotronic magazine and similar media, it has become fashionable to embrace music, film and literary output from eras once ignored. Years ago, it would have been easy to find cheap recordings by such artists as Esquivel, Yma Sumac or Les Baxter without having to spend a small fortune. On the other hand, many recordings that were only available on vinyl have now been reissued on CD, making much of this material more accessible than ever.

6400 W Sunset Blvd Hollywood CA 90028
(323) 245-6400
2471 Fletcher Dr Los Angeles CA 90039
(323) 665-5800
7426 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood CA 90046
(323) 883-9090
7425 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood CA 90046
(323) 874-1060
714 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica CA 90401
(310) 393-8232
726 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles CA 90038
(323) 965-1100
4525 Artesia Blvd Lawndale CA 90260
(310) 542-9444
627 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles CA 90004
(323) 466-6293
1616 Butler Ave Los Angeles CA 90025
(310) 478-8227
12255 Venice Blvd Los Angeles CA 90066
(323) 600-5050

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