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The best Los Angeles clubs are the ones that have been standing for years, since most nightclubs tend to come and go as quickly as drinks at the bar. Depending upon what type of scene patrons are interested in, there’s always a lot to choose from, be it dance clubs with the hottest DJ’s or clubs that cater to niche and alternative lifestyles.

Ranging from low-key hipster hangouts to upscale dancehalls, nightclubs are almost ineffable. Somewhere between swanky lounge and mega-club, nightclubs are mostly populated by the nicely dressed who can't decide between chatting over tasty cocktails or dancing in a sea of sweaty people, so they opt for a place that will more than likely offer both options. In Los Angeles, a nightclub is generally a place where pretension is thrown to the wind and an art is made out of getting people wildly intoxicated.

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