DUI Lawyers in Los Angeles

When a person faces drunk driving charges, he or she needs to quickly hire a board-certified Los Angeles DUI attorney. Consequences of a DUI conviction can include loss of driver's license, vehicle impound, copious fines and jail time. The expertise of a Los Angeles drunk driving lawyer can make a difference in whether or not the outcome includes community service, court probation or incarceration.

Because California DUI charges involve both the Department of Motor Vehicles and the criminal justice system, finding a Los Angeles DUI attorney who specializes in such cases is preferable over self-representation. An experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer will analyze police reports and case evidence to argue for dismissal or charge reduction. Reputable DUI attorneys can also protect defendant rights through familiarity with common Fourth or Fifth Amendment violations and knowledge of applicable codes and statutes.

California DUI laws tend to be strict and convictions can linger on criminal records for as long as 10 years. Those whose work involves commercial driving often have their livelihood threatened by a DUI conviction. These realities mean that those accused of driving under the influence need local attorneys who can effectively offer plea bargains on their behalf. A Los Angeles DUI lawyer will likely be able to anticipate decisions of judges and leverage his or her reputation with prosecutors for the best possible outcome.

Since DUI arrests are often made in conjunction with alcohol and drug testing, complete innocence can be difficult to prove. Those with prior DUI convictions can face additional fines and court fees as well as stiffer penalties for repeat offenses. However, the right Los Angeles attorney can work the law to the defendant's advantage, resulting in lessened consequences or even a complete dismissal of charges.

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