on tap at angle city brewing

Craft Breweries in Los Angeles are experiencing a huge surge in growth that mirrors a greater trend towards authentic culinary experiences such as LA’s farm to table restaurant scene. Master brewers at many LA breweries are able to take advantage of the close proximity to the farming communities near Los Angeles, to create a fresh and authentic tasting beer that can please even the most discerning palate. The following list of local, LA-based breweries makes for a fun alternative to some of the standard LA tourist attractions, such as shopping on Rodeo Drive or visiting Disneyland.  All of the breweries on this list have a tasting room, and some have pub food available as well.

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[Photo Credit: Angel City Brewing and Public House; Last Update: April 24, 2015]

  • Phantom Carriage


    Phantom Carriage gets its name from a 1921-era horror film and the beers are named for classic horror performers. Decor includes a fake skeleton or two and moody lighting. The flavorful and complex sour beers on tap here are not in the least bit scary, but they are tart and unique —as is serving tasters of the Lugosi, Rathbone and others in stemmed tasting glasses. This brewery is a true destination spot: it also houses a small-plates, farm-to-table café and a screening room to with old horror classics.

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  • El Segundo Brewing

    El Segundo

    El Segundo Brewing calls itself hop-centric and it certainly make brews that are very “hoppy.” The classic Blue House Pale Ale is light and fresh, a lively, proudly bitter brew that is also refreshing. Smoky Hollow Scotch Ale is richly flavorful and the vanilla notes in the Vanilla Hyperion Double Stout are worth a try. Owned by a former aerospace employee, this is a welcoming and warmly friendly spot to taste.

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  • Angel City Brewing and Public House

    Little Tokyo/Downtown LA

    A pioneer of the craft beer scene in LA, Angel City Brewing has undergone significant expansion since launching in 1997. Tours are at 5pm and 6pm on Thursday and Friday and 2pm, 3pm and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors can also grab 1/6 keg, 1/2 keg, or 64 oz. growler to-go at the Public House. We recommend the White Nite golden stout.

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  • Smog City Brewery


    Torrance is a hot bed of brewing and Smog City was among the first brewers to stake a claim in town. From robust IPAs like Hop Tonic to a lightly floral pilsner, this is the spot to explore Belgian ales, saisons and stouts. Along with its bevy of traditional brews in a comfortable warehouse-style setting, the brewers can be experimental—wine/beer hybrid anyone?

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  • Beachwood Brewing and BBQ

    Long Beach

    House brews at this classic spot include the delightfully bitter Hops of Brixton and the Berliner Weisse mild sour, Tart Simpson. A wide variety of classic IPAs are also worth a taste, in a brew house and cozy pub.

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  • Claremont Craft Ales


    Claremont Craft Ales is housed in contemporary warehouse-style building with a homey, family-style atmosphere. Jacaranda Rye IPA is just as memorable as the purple flowers for which its named. Carlisle Pale Ale should suit just about any taste, with a clean and light finish. Close the outing with the Coffee Mawes Stout—it’s a whole lot better than a cup of decaf.

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  • The Dudes


    Hoppy delights like the sweet, nutty Grandma’s Pecan brown ale, Blood Orange Amber Ale with its cocoa and citrus notes and Double Trunk Double IPA are among the offerings on tap here. A view of the brewery kegs, picnic tables and beer barrels make for a comfortable tasting scene.

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  • Golden Road


    Golden Road Pub tours are at 2:30pm and 4:30pm on weekdays and 1:30pm on weekends. Beer tasting flights are $10. We recommend the Saison during summer, and the Hudson Porter during winter.

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  • Eagle Rock Brewery

    Eagle Rock

    Eagle Rock Brewery offers free brewhouse tours Sundays at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm. Another icon of the craft beer scene in LA, we recommend the Manifesto Wit Bier and the Revolution Extra Pale Ale.

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