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music scene. The city is full of so many aspiring and professional singers, musicians, lyricists, bands, and more that to even attempt to categorize any of them would seem to be a foolish errand. Live musical performances happen around the city at all times of the day and in unexpected venues, proving that the city has music in its heart and a song on its lips.

Recording Studios in Los Angeles

  • Satellite Studios
  • Sun 7 Production
  • Greenstone Studios
  • 3rd Street Adr

There is a few of Los Angeles Recording Studios. Some of the popular Recording Studios are Ecuasound Productions, Supercontrolstudios and Hen House Studios.

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Rehearsal Spaces in Los Angeles

  • Abc Rehearsal Studios
  • Soundbite Studios
  • Third Encore Premium 24 Hr. Lockout Studios
  • The Sherry Theatre

There are Los Angeles Rehearsal Spaces including La Rehearsal, Thud Studios and Abc Rehearsal Studios.

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CD, Vinyl & DVD Stores in Los Angeles

  • Cauer Robert Violins
  • Truetone Music
  • Amoeha Music
  • Advanced Musical Electronics

There are Los Angeles CD, Vinyl & DVD Stores including Truetone Music, Adam's Music and Amoeha Music.

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Classical Music in Los Angeles

  • Standby Productions
  • Prima Vocal- Audra Binkley
  • West Covina Symphony Orchestra
  • Belmont Voice Studio

There are Los Angeles Classical Music. Some of the most notable include Brentwood-westwood Symphony, Prima Vocal- Audra Binkley and Richard Winter-stanbridge.

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Concerts in Los Angeles

  • Improv Asylum - At Improv Olympic West
  • Morgan Wixson Theatre
  • Audio 2000
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles has a small set of Concerts. Some of the popular Concerts are Improv Asylum - At Improv Olympic West, Hudson Theatre and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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DJ Outlets in Los Angeles

  • Guitar Center
  • Boulevard Music
  • Professional Drum Shop Incorporated
  • International House Of Music

Los Angeles has few options of DJ Outlets. Top Recommendations include Guitar Center, Weisshaar Hans and International House Of Music.

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