Guide to El Segundo

Industrial beauty is a term that best describes the urban-suburban landscape of El Segundo. Home to many major aerospace companies and facilities the city is at the forefront of aeronautic development and industry. Close to Culver City and Westchester, El Segundo draws in visitors not solely interested in airplane technology via the allure of Dockweiller State Beach. This beautiful stretch of sand and surf attracts surfers and sunbathers by the thousands almost daily. It is also home to the only RV Park located directly on the beach in the whole state of California. The city also plays host to some truly exquisite seafood, Mexican and Italian restaurants. If those do not fit the bill, there are a plethora of Chinese, Japanese, and standard American fare available for consumption as well. Expansive retail shops and malls cater to whatever shopping needs your wallet can support. Shoe companies, toy manufacturers and entertainment houses also call El Segundo home. Speaking of homes, the area is a premier hotbed for quality real estate options. Whether buying a house or condo, leasing an apartment or renting, it is one of the most sought after locations in which to take up residence in the state. With a school system on par with the best in Los Angeles, it can be the perfect setting in which to raise and educate a family. The main local high school, like many others in the state, has served as the location shoot for various film projects. More

Scenes from El Segundo
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