Guide to Redondo Beach

Residents claim that Redondo Beach has one of the longest piers on the continent. Whether this is true or not is debatable, but what isn't a matter of some question is the incredibly moving view visible when one stands on any part of this uniquely designed structure. Sun, fun and long dips in the ocean make up the lifestyle of choice for residents of this South Bay abode. If you don't surf in Redondo Beach you will quickly learn as it is both a passion and a way of life here. It is as much a vital part of every day life here as breathing the fresh sandy air or climbing out of bed. If surfing is just not for you, the city opens the beach up to other sporting activities, particularly jogging, biking and skating on the paved roadway carved out right along the beach. Called The Strand, it runs for miles allowing for either the briefest of leisurely workouts or an extensive ride or run all the way to Marina Del Rey if one is so inclined. Ignoring the ugliness of the neighboring power plant, the overall scenery is magnificent. A choice of varied cuisine is available along the Pacific Coast Highway side of the Redondo Beach. Prime real estate options exist on the opposite side. The view alone is worth the price of life in such tranquil paradise. The pleasant setting of the downtown area offers opportunities for wine-tasters to divulge in a favorite activity. It is also home to peaceful shops and friendly faces offering kind word as you dart in and out of the many tiny clothes stores you will encounter as you stroll. More

Scenes from Redondo Beach
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