Guide to Toluca Lake

Scenically located in the San Fernando Valley region of southern California, exclusive Toluca Lake resides in close proximity to similarly affluent Burbank. Visitors with stars in their eyes can try to gain entrance into one of the two major movie studios located nearby. Once the home to A-list Hollywood comedians such as W.C. Fields and Bob Hope, the city has maintained a rich tradition of attracting the crème-de-la-crème of the Hollywood set. Taking up residence in this idyllic community, they have contributed to its becoming the upscale haven that it is today. It is not rare to see a film crew or two setting up shop around town. The pristine charm and small town-in-a-big-city scenery of Toluca Lake has been used to depict the serenity of suburban lakefront life on film for decades. Whether one is seeking a picturesque weekend getaway or are in the midst of a lifetime of residence, Taluca Lake can be the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life. With the Santa Monica Mountains serving as the perfect backdrop, many residents and visitors alike take advantage of the various activities the city is best known for. Mountain climbing here is a particular must for those in the know. Some of the best swimming spots, boating areas, and fishing locations can be found along the lake. After spending a day among nature, many take a trip to one of several high-quality restaurants or bistros to indulge themselves in the catch of the day or other, less sea-faring meals. Real estate is, of course, at a premium here. With exclusive pricing designed to match the exclusive home seeker, the houses in the area are often truly a work of art. The area is also known for having some of the best lodging in the region. More

Scenes from Toluca Lake
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