An Elevated Dining Experience

The dining scene at Mandalay Bay has been elevated, and award-winning Chef Akira Back is the executive chef at the latest avant-garde eatery, Kumi Japanese Restaurant + Bar. In Japanese, Kumi means beautiful, which is the perfect description for this inviting and engaging venue. Two popular and delicious items not to be missed at Kumi…

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The Tax Implications of Obama Care on Los Angeles


Beginning in 2014 the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (the health care legislation sometimes known as Obama Care) will impose the new requirement that U.S. persons, with certain exceptions, have minimal, essential health care insurance.
A minimum essential health care policy is one in which the insurer pays 60% of the average medical expenses incurred by an average person over the course of one year.
How this will affect your family will depend upon a number of issues

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Discover Oahu, The Gathering Place

surfing in oahu

  SPONSORED POST Oahu is where the action is. It’s the cultural center of Hawaii, and the top tourist destination among the islands. As “The Gathering Place,” it truly is the heart of Hawaii. Home to perhaps the world’s most legendary beach, Waikiki, Oahu and Honolulu invite you to live in the moment. Surf and…

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