An Elevated Dining Experience

The dining scene at Mandalay Bay has been elevated, and award-winning Chef Akira Back is the executive chef at the latest avant-garde eatery, Kumi Japanese Restaurant + Bar. In Japanese, Kumi means beautiful, which is the perfect description for this inviting and engaging venue. Two popular and delicious items not to be missed at Kumi…

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The Tax Implications of Obama Care on Los Angeles


Beginning in 2014 the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (the health care legislation sometimes known as Obama Care) will impose the new requirement that U.S. persons, with certain exceptions, have minimal, essential health care insurance.
A minimum essential health care policy is one in which the insurer pays 60% of the average medical expenses incurred by an average person over the course of one year.
How this will affect your family will depend upon a number of issues

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