LA Nightlife has a special place in the heart of Angelenos. Los Angeles offers one of the most diverse arrays of bars… read more

and clubs of any major city. LA is one of the busiest cities where one slaves away as a soldier all day working the 9-5 shift and then whisks away the nights and weekends in its vast nightlife scene. The Los Angeles nightlife scene is packed with something for everyone’s taste; there are a plethora of bars and clubs up and down the streets of Hollywood, martini bars in Westwood, rooftop lounges in the Valley, thumping celebrity havens all throughout, and sports bars and beach lounges in Santa Monica and all the beach cities. Most runs at LA hot spots are short-lived. They are, however, wild and beg a story to be told. The LA nightlife scene is ever changing and you never know what the next big place will be.

Strip Clubs in Los Angeles

  • The Body Shop
  • Plan B
  • The Wild Goose
  • Knockouts Gentlemen's Club

Los Angeles has a small set of Strip Clubs. Top Recommendations include Plan B, The Wild Goose and Knockouts Gentlemen's Club.

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Live Music Clubs in Los Angeles

  • Troubadour
  • St. Matthew's Music Guild
  • Seabird Jazz Lounge
  • Shattered Atom

Los Angeles has a small set of Live Music Clubs. Top Recommendations include Spaceland, Troubadour and Cocoon The Nightclub.

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Dance Clubs in Los Angeles

  • Arena Nightclub
  • Level 3
  • King King
  • Barcopa

Los Angeles has a few of Dance Clubs. Some of the popular Dance Clubs are Arena Nightclub, Level 3 and King King.

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Club Promoters in Los Angeles

  • Evita Parties
  • Jbp Entertainment
  • LA Epic Club Crawls
  • Metropolitan Nightclub

Los Angeles has few options of Club Promoters. Some of the popular Club Promoters are Digital Master Studio, Jbp Entertainment and LA Epic Club Crawls.

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Clubs in Los Angeles

  • Good Hurt
  • The Comedy Store
  • Dragonfly Bar
  • Skinny's Lounge

There is a few of Los Angeles Clubs ranging from Breaks/Drum 'n Bass to World Music including Good Hurt, The Comedy Store and Dragonfly Bar.

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Gay Bars in Los Angeles

  • Fubar
  • The Abbey
  • Here Lounge
  • Normandie Room - CLOSED

There is few options of Los Angeles Gay Bars. Some of the popular Gay Bars are Fubar, The Abbey and Here Lounge.

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