While Los Angeles may seem like the typical metropolitan city, anyone who takes the time to look beyond the buildings… read more

and glittering lights will realize that some of natures most stunning vistas are woven into the streets and surrounding areas. The diversity in habitats, from beaches to wetlands to mountains, allows LA to be rich in greenery, and nature enthusiasts will love exploring the native flora from the thousands of hiking and biking trails. With the ocean to the west, Los Angeles is cradled mostly by the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountain ranges. The Santa Monica Mountains, which run from the Hollywood Hills to Ventura County, are known not only for their beautiful peaks and lush woodlands, but also for Mulholland Drive, the famous road that runs much of the length of them. At the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains is the largest municipal park in the US, Griffith Park.

Beaches in Los Angeles

  • Morro Dunes Rv Park
  • Pacific Fish Center & Restaurant
  • Seaside Lagoon
  • Newport Landing Sportfishing

There are Los Angeles Beaches. Some of the most notable include Annenberg Community Beach House, Venice Beach Boardwalk and Santa Monica State Beach Park.

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Parks in Los Angeles

  • City Of Carson Veterans Sportscomplex Fitness Center
  • City Of Inglewood
  • Greystone Mansion
  • Heritage Park

There is few options of Los Angeles Parks. Top Recommendations include City Of Downey Parks General, City Of Inglewood and City Of Downey Parks General.

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