Opaque - Dining In The Dark

2020 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Santa Monica

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Dark Dining, Senses

Prepare for a dining experience unlike any other. Opaque, located in Santa Monica, invites patrons’ taste buds to guide the way as they peruse soft and potent flavors in the pitch-black dining room.

Opaque Dark Dining in Los Angeles is more than just a restaurant; it is a revolutionary dining experience. Immersed in the darkness of a pitch-black dining room, patrons navigate their surroundings using only sensual clues provided by the murmur of fellow patrons, the cool touch of a fork, the soft shuffling of a waiter moving past, and—most importantly—the bold flavors of each dish.

Dining in the dark is a brilliant experimental dining concept that originated in Europe to evoke the most unique appreciation of food. At this dark dining option in Santa Monica, senses are stirred by each hint of tang, each blossoming spice, each touch of saltiness, each gentle onslaught of sweetness… Only in the darkness can the taste buds truly begin to experience and connect with the individual flavor and beauty of each ingredient.

Dining in the Dark in Santa Monica

Diners begin their journey by arriving in the restaurant’s lighted lounge, where they are greeted with the seasonally changing, well-scripted menu of options focused on centerpiece ingredients like roasted lemon herb chicken, seared ahi, sun dried tomato pesto rigatoni, and filet mignon topped with spinach, garlic, roasted red peppers and shitake mushrooms. Accompanying each main dish are salad options ranging from heirloom tomato salads with basil and a small bite of proscuitto-wrapped melon to baby greens with a small vegetable spring roll. Desert options include warm chocolate lava cake with fresh berries and mango panna cotta with coconut crème anglaise. The flavors and textures on each prix fixe menu are arranged to offer both soft and potent options that compliment each other while stimulating the taste buds. This highly sensual dining experience is designed as a venue where everyone can learn an entirely new way to interact with the world we live in and to appreciate the flavors that pervade culinary styles from around the globe.

Once diners have made their selections they are escorted into the dining room with instructions to silence all cell phones and to leave any personal bags in the safe keeping area with the hostess. Throughout the meal, specially trained blind servers who can be sensitive to and truly understand the sensory deprivation that is felt tend to customers graciously. Though not all patrons dine at the same time, great care is given to make sure that the seating of other customers does not disrupt each individual’s dining experience.

Opaque Los Angeles is located in Santa Monica, easily accessible from major highways connecting to the greater Los Angeles area. This dark dining restaurant in Southern California is open on Fridays and Saturdays, and reservations are required.
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