Los Angeles is as known for its entertainment industry and tourist attractions as it is for its crazy weather. Many visitors to LA don’t prepare themselves for the summer heat or the winter chill. In the summer temperatures in LA can vary as much as 20 degrees from the beaches to the valley, but in the winter differences are less extreme.

LA County is situated in what is called a Mediterranean climate. This type of climate experiences mild, reasonably wet winters and warm to hot, mildly humid summers. The weather is generally dry all year round, but can cool in the winter. Breezes from the Pacific Ocean keep the beach communities cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, where as the inland temperatures can be drastically warmer.

The Four Seasons in LA

Spring in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Spring weather can be tricky sometimes. There are some years where the winter rains have extended into these months and brought with them an extended winter cold. In other years it has been dry and sunny for the most part. Almost always though during this time of year Southern California’s trees and flowers are blooming and looking at their best for all of LA’s visitors.

What to pack for Spring During these months it is smart to bring—when traveling to LA—a mid-weight jacket, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and lightweight hats. At a drop of the a dime the weather can change so it’s always important to bring some lighter alternatives as well in case the sun decides to shine brightly. May usually shines a little more brightly so make sure to bring some short sleeves as well.

Summer in Los Angeles

During the summer months there are many clear days and very little fog. This is one of the best times of the year to travel to Los Angeles as the days are long and the nights are relatively cool free. However, these are the worst months for smog, especially inland near the mountain ranges. More towards July and August, one must be careful of the marine layer and fog lingering till noon, which in turn can suddenly make the air cold at night.

What to pack for Summer For the most part the days are warm during the summer months, but it’s always wise to bring a mid-weight jacket if the nights get cold. Shorts are the preferred daytime wear and jackets, sweatshirts and pants work well in the evenings, especially near the water.

Autumn in Los Angeles

The fall months can be tricky in Los Angeles. September and October are actually two of the best months of the year but things start changing by November. November is the start of the rainy season. Sometimes monthly rainfall comes all on the same day. The good news is IF it rains, the day after is almost always the best with clear skies and great for taking photos.

What to pack for Fall For the Fall months visitors really have plan to ahead. Make sure to bring mid-weight jackets, short-sleeved shirts, lightweight and sweaters incase layering is necessary for the drearier days. On the great, beautiful warm days, shorts are always perfect. If heading to the City of Angels in November, one will also need to bring a rain jacket and umbrella, just incase the rains come. Warm jackets are a plus for November as well but a heavy coat is not necessary. Long sleeved shirts and sweaters work well for November nights also.

Winter in Los Angeles

Winter months can be the dreariest months for LA depending on the year. This is full on rainy season for LA and its funny how people from all over the US will think it isn’t that cold, but will stand in awe as Californians shiver and freeze. Californian skin must not be as thick as the rest of the country. Winter daytime high temperatures will get up to around 65°F (18°C), on average, with overnight lows of 45°F (7°C).

What to pack for Winter Bring warm jackets and umbrellas for the cold and rain but also bring layers as on the days when the sun decides to shine, temperatures can sometimes even reach 70 degrees. Long sleeved shirts are always a plus because sleeves can be rolled up and down depending on how the day progresses. When coming to LA the best advice is to always bring layers. That way, any weather occurrence can be easily dealt with.

The best time to visit Los Angeles

For those looking for the “perfect California day”, the best months to travel to the city are the Summer and Fall months. The weather is the most predictable around these times and heavier clothes are not needed as much. California has always been described as having a climate of its own and for those who do not wish for to warm of days, visiting during the Winter and Fall seasons is the right time. Like mentioned above, during these months rain is more common but not always a guarantee. For these months layers are the way to go and will make sure that all Los Angeles travelers can enjoy their journey to the City of Angels.

Information about smog in LA

Another weather condition that LA is famous for is its smog. It was back in the 1970’s when LA truly had some of the worst air in the world, which is where its reputation comes from. In the last 20 years however, massive smog abatement campaigns have really paid off and Los Angeles now has the best air it has had in 20 years. By 1999 Los Angeles has removed its stigma of being the place with the highest ozone concentration in the nation. Even today though with all the improvements there is many a day where the LA air is hazy and grey. Some of this is actually natural and not cause by pollution. The LA basin has actually been hazy since before industrialization. If the smog gets too bothersome, one can always head for the beach. No matter what the day conditions are, the air is always best on the coastlines and beaches.

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